Pioneer systematic investment manager
Aspect Capital is a pioneering systematic investment manager. Our belief is that market prices are not completely random. If you look carefully enough you can find and exploit predictable and statistically measurable behaviours.

We combine scientific principles and leading-edge technology to create diversifying investment solutions. We believe that a statistical and evidence-based approach is the best way to invest and we continuously strive to improve every component of the investment process in order to keep generating valuable, diversifying returns for our clients.

We work closely with investors to ensure our investment strategies meet their needs. We develop deep and long-standing relationships which allow many institutional investors, fund of funds and distribution partners from across the globe to benefit from our innovative investment solutions, high levels of transparency and market-leading standards of service.

A stimulating place to work
Aspect is all about its people. We harness the best in each of our employees, giving them the responsibility to make a real difference. We are open-minded, curious, fair and honest and we love a challenge. Here you can quickly make a difference in whatever role you play. Evidence based opinion and creativity is truly valued.

We have set out a very ambitious strategy. As well as being a fantastic opportunity for personal growth, a career at Aspect also represents an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of systematic investment. We recruit talented people who are intellectually ambitious, curious to learn and who are team players.  In return, we provide a truly unique culture: we care about our people and work hard to ensure that they fulfil their potential in a stimulating and rewarding environment.

Continuously looking for new talent

  • Research

A successful and thriving quantitative research effort is fundamental to Aspect’s business – it ensures the continuous evolution of the alpha-generating models which deliver investment returns to our clients.

Our Researchers maintain and develop mathematical investment models. Working primarily in MATLAB, they deal with a wide range of projects covering Signal Generation, Portfolio Construction and Market Execution in a collegiate and collaborative atmosphere.

  • Technology

The Software Development Team designs, builds and maintains Aspect’s highly automated execution systems which runs from front office trading to back office reconciliations. The trading systems are Java-based. Back end systems include SQL Server, JMS and distributed caching technologies. We use IntelliJ and Git when developing.

Our development process is agile, highly collaborative and focuses heavily on continuous improvement. Daily stand-ups, retrospectives, pairing and TDD are standard. We are always experimenting with new technologies, techniques and ways of working.

  •  Business

At the heart of Aspect’s core values lies our commitment to our clients, as well as to fairness, integrity, respect and the love of a challenge. Whether it be a role in Investor Relations, Legal, Compliance, Operations, Finance or HR, we can provide the opportunity to work in an exciting, stimulating environment where employees are given real opportunities to demonstrate their value and further their careers.

For opportunities check our website or send us an email