Five Funny Women it will improve your life to know

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First of all it is important to state this clearly for the hard of thinking, Women are not a genre of comedy. Unfortunately some people seem to struggle with this concept, take the recent uproar caused by the announcement of an all-female cast for the new Ghostbusters movie as an example. ‘Oh no!’ came the cry from the feckless denizens of the less enlightened elements of nerd culture on the web, ‘girls can’t bust ghosts, girls can only bust ponies and rainbows and gum drops!’ These people are the same ones who ask the endlessly dumb question:

‘Are women funny?’ Yes some are and some aren’t, just like men, because (careful now, here comes the science part) jokes don’t originate in the testicles, nor do breasts naturally baffle word play.
All it takes to be funny is a brain and a method of communicating the thoughts it generates, and we can all do that. As such the following list shouldn’t be seen as a list of good female comedians, instead it should be seen as a list of good comedians who just happen to be women. Some of these women are contemporaries of mine, others I consider influences, all of them are hilarious and should be used as a proverbial stick to beat people who say they can’t think of any funny women. Just before you use an actual stick.

Lucy Porter

A pocket Dynamo of sweetness and bitingly vicious humour. She is one of the first people I remember seeing perform stand up on TV. I was immediately taken in by the idea that one person could hold a rooms attention like that and not only that but to get the all to laugh as well. From that point on I was hooked.

Bec Hill

Endlessly inventive, watching one of Bec’s shows will always warm your heart, but more than that the effort and creativity she puts into her work makes you realise that there is so much more that can be achieved with the art form of stand up. Silliness of this quality takes hours of work.

Bec Hill, Comedian

Bec Hill, Comedian (Photo courtesy of Steve Ullathorne)

Celia Pacquola

In my opinion, one of the best headliners working in the UK, but she gets a particular mention in this list for her interview on Stuart Goldsmith’s Comedian’s Comedian Podcast. Her description of what it takes to write an hour show is proof of an astute comedy brain at work and without doubt I credit it with helping write my own Edinburgh offerings.

Jenny Collier

Smashing gigs left, right and centre Jenny will be huge one day, so you should go and see her now so that in years to come you can be cool and talk about ‘preferring her old stuff before she went all mainstream’ like the horrible comedy hipster you are. I hope you’re proud of yourself!

Dawn French

I had to include her because ‘The Vicar of Dibbley’ once made me shoot milk out of my nose because I laughed so hard. High praise indeed, I’m sure you’d agree.

I could easily go on, especially as I have only spoken about UK comedy. There are thousands of talented Comedian’s working up and down the country every night. All have their own style, rhythm, technique and view point, and some of them just happen to be women too.

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