‘The internet’s big sister’: Grace Victory speaks out on body shame

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‘The internet’s big sister’ speaks out on body shame

Grace Victory puts a middle finger up to unrealistic beauty standards and body shaming as she takes the stage at TEDxUCLWomen 2017. With her individual flare and girl power attitude, Grace calls herself ‘the internet big sister’ – empowering women and girls to see their value, and take self care seriously.

As a seasoned panel guest and blogger, Grace decided to step outside the box and give a spoken word performance. She says, “you can’t grow when you’re comfortable” so, “I wanted to try something new.”

At only 5 years old, Grace began to suffer body image issues, but now, she’s not going to be defined by her body type!

She says, “we are all fed lies, but the only thing that really matters is how we see ourselves through our own eyes.”

Just minutes into her performance, I found myself wiping away tears. Grace’s sobering poem showed that so many of us suffer from body image issues and the battle of self-acceptance.

For Grace, “thoughts are a powerful thing.” Since we live in a culture that presents one body type as ideal, she says “we need to empower young people” and tell them they are whole and perfect, “right now, as they are.”

When asked what advice she would give to her younger self, Grace would say, “you are good enough…no matter what anyone says to you.”

Ultimately, Grace says, “the most important thing is that we feel comfortable in our skin.”

She ends the poem, “I am so sorry, my beautiful home, my body.”

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By Leonie Collinson


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