‘I Need A Man’

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Zinath Oloko 'I Need a Man'

Zinath Oloko

A poem written in response to Jude Kelly’s TEDxUCLWomen talk ‘Help!
I need a man’ by Zinath Oloko, Year 8, from Saint Gabriel’s College.


I Need a Man

Help I need a man!

Every single word pounds
like droplets of water
Making sure you listen to every single word
Make sure it sticks to the right side of your brain.

Help! I need a man.

This is about feminism.
This about the dying of sisterhood
This about gender differences
This about ladies thinking
they’re not good enough.

This about women trying to get their voices heard
Knowing they are good but a voice in their heads
Hypnotizes their minds and buttons up their mouths
making sure their words are sealed and never heard.
One day you will spring out of your shells and rip off the button
that sealed you shut.
Untangle yourself
stand up and shout out the words from your heart
and let your voice be heard

Because ladies, I tell you that you’re as equal as men
You’re as powerful
You’re as confident
You’re as intelligent
You’re as special.

So stop reading the lies magazines tell you and stop their words
from brain washing you.

You’ve got to start reading words that encourage your potential and let them
Replace the words that break you down.
Believe in yourself as a strong and brave woman
Because that is who you are.
You are a champion
You are a believer
Your voice must be heard
And must not be tamed.

– Zinath Oloko

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