Oriance Lungu

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“Simply dreaming is not enough, it also takes hard work and discipline to achieve your dreams and I believe when my friends describe me as a dreamer they actually mean ambitious and driven ”

Oriance Lungu did an undergraduate Physics degree at Imperial College London and then went on to further her studies at UCL where she gained a Master’s degree in Geophysical Hazards. She has shown her further commitment and enthusiasm for science by currently undergoing clinical research at UCL.

She has chosen to study Physics because of her keen interest in numbers and science. Her curious mindset motivates her to question everything in order to understand how certain things work and function. As a woman engaged in science she is aware of the shrinking notion that science is predominantly studied by men. Yet, she does not care about being one of a few women, and within that, black female in this field and emphasizes the fact that human beings should “not perform to race – but perform for themselves”.

Oriance started boxing during her studies at Imperial. Her motivation was to take up a sport that will stand out. She had her first competitions at a UCL boxing bout during her graduate degree. In fact, her first experience although nerve racking triggered a deep interest and passion for boxing as she exclaimed:

“I feel amazing now, I can’t wait for my next bout!”
And indeed her interest and determination is just as strong today.

Before starting to box, Oriance describes herself as being relatively quiet and shy. Now she describes herself as more confident because she entered a new scene of discipline. Boxing is not a hobby anymore – it is her life and it pushes her further than ever before: “You have to be analytical and always think ahead of your opponent.”

“Just one move could change the game!”

Oriance Lungu beats Csilla Csejtei to progress to the finals of the England Elite Boxing Championships (source)

Oriance admits that there are always incidences where people believe that women shouldn’t be boxing for whatever reasons. Even within the actual rules of boxing there are issues which are questionable. Men for example do not have to wear head guards during a fight but women do – why is that? Men box for three 3-minute rounds while women do four 2- minute rounds. Is it the unfortunately general notion of women being fragile, weak and “more sensitive” that dwells in the roots of this society? Why can’t women box without a head guard in the same way men do?

“It is about challenging yourself and always seeking new ways to improve and better your technique as a Boxer”
Oriance Lungu (right) celebrates her victory for host club Haringey ABC at the Haringey

Oriance Lungu (right) celebrates her victory for host club Haringey ABC at the Haringey Box Cup

This year’s English National Championships was the first time in 128 years men and women elite championships were held together at same event.  Despite all the prejudices Oriance handles this situation by keeping focused and being good in what she does in order to prove the point that women can box. Women can box under the same conditions as men can.

Despite her injury Oriance went up against the very experienced Hungarian boxer in the Semi-Finals, with 100 bouts to her name! Oriance though with her determination and impressive skills still prospered as she claimed a unanimous victory from all of the judges.

Oriance’s message to all the women out there is to never be afraid to do something you think you can achieve because there is no such thing as a ‘man’s sport’ – You can do everything you dream of.

Anything and everything is truly possible.

Oriance describes herself as a dreamer but she has managed to make every dream a reality. She has managed to hold the role of treasurer of Imperial College Women’s Football Club, compete in her first boxing tournament while studying for her degree, and has even competed in England’s Boxing Championships in Liverpool 2015 and also works full time.

She believes that if you truly want something, go and get it!

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