TEDxUCLWomen: Momentum – Don’t know what to expect?

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What happens when I arrive?

You will be greeted by members of our hospitality team who will direct you to the registration point. Once you have registered (dont forget your student/UCL ID), you will receive a bag filled with goodies just for you! As if this wasnt enough, we will also have UCLU Rare FM DJing with music exclusively from the strongest independent ladies around. From Aretha to RiRi, what you want, baby we got it (as in, we might even take requests). This will be the soundtrack as you wander round and enjoy the TEDxUCLWomen Experience Space. What is there to experience? We hear you ask. Great question. From interactive exhibitions to a second hand book sale curated just for us, to the screening of short films and refreshments, there will be plenty to occupy yourself with. If that wasnt enough, youll be surrounded by like-minded people, so give the person next to a nudge and get talking!

What happens during sessions?

So no talking during the sessions please. Keep your friendship-making to outside of the talks. Thats right, weve got to the talks now. The juicy bit. The sessions are a series of carefully crafted talks and performances all for your enjoyment. Whether it is informative, emotive or downright hilarious, we will be covering a huge range of topics. We could list them all now but we wouldnt want to ruin the surprise. We have in total 14 talks and performances for you from the TEDxUCLWomen stage, touching on topics from smart cities to sport, FGM to the power of language. Oh but how do I know theyll be any good? We preferred the previous questions but well answer nonetheless (we aim to please). Well, we dont want to brag but the first speaker we ever confirmed for the inaugural TEDxUCLWomen event was then chosen to speak at a TED conference because they were so.damn.good. Take our word for it when we tell you our speakers are great. It might all seem light hearted and bad jokes (apologies) but these talks will hopefully open your minds, maybe change your opinions and definitely make you think about the world we live in.

What happens in-between sessions?

Its funny you should ask that because as it turns out, we have a lot for you to do in between the sessions. Maybe you are going to want to continue the discussion and debate sparked by those talks over a hot beverage or snack with those new friends youve made? Maybe you just want to quietly relax – perhaps youre hungry and kind of want to know whats going on over at TEDWomen in California right now? Well, fear not because weve got you covered; The Chickpea Sisters, a group of migrant women and refugees will be catering to your needs with their delicious cuisine. We will also be live streaming a 90 minute session of TEDWomen so you wont be missing out. The most popular TED talk of 2014, Maysoon Zayids I got 99 problemsbut Palsy aint onewas in fact streamed at TEDxUCLWomen as it happened live. Even if you woke up late and so didn’t get to explore much of the experience space when you arrived, dont worry, it will be there for you throughout the day, ready and waiting.

What happens after the sessions?

Dont be sad that its all over, because the party has no intention of stopping. In fact, the party hasnt even started yet. Whilst the Rare FM DJs will have done a fantastic job throughout the day, this is when our Guest DJ, Chardine Taylor-Stone is going to take to the decks using exclusively vinyls for her set. Whos that you ask? Chardine Taylor-Stone is a lot of great things and when she isnt organising enlightening conferences that trace black feminist legacies into the present, shes busy playing drums for her punk band Big Joanie, or even collecting records from the 1940s to 1990s so she can play the best set of her life for you at the TEDxUCLWomen reception. Oh and case, that didnt sell it to you, there will be wine. Sorry not sure if you got that, there will be WINE!

Ok so hopefully that has cleared up a few things – Thursday 28th May will be great day. Still not convinced? Check out our website for more information on speakers: www.tedxuclwomen/events (keep scrolling, weve got a lot of brilliant speakers)

Mentally prepared to buy a ticket? Here you go: tedxuclwomen/tickets
Oh some final questions that people sometimes ask: Im, um, not a woman, can I still come? YES. Yes you can. Im not actually from UCL, will you still let me in? YES. Yes we will. Everyone is welcome. Seriously though, everyone is. Come with an open mind, and well welcome you with open arms!

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