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“Momentum is all about self-improvement and development as this will lead us to exponentially grow and progress faster in a shorter period of time. Ideas are great, but execution is the most crucial element when it comes to making things happen. As Georges Doriot quotes ‘Without actions, the world would still be an idea.’ and that is exactly the case.”

Tina Mashaalahi is the co-founder and COO of KweekWeek, an events marketplace providing organisers with a full ticketing solution and allowing attendees to discover and book events.

Tina studied Civil Engineering at UCL and graduated in 2006. She launched KweekWeek in 2012 after moving from a successful career in engineering and Property Development. Tina and her business partner spotted a clear problem within the ticketing space noticing that attendees and organisers faced many difficulties when it came to discovering, booking and promoting events. KweekWeek solves these problems by connecting organisers and consumers in a single space.

Tina has also been a finalist for various awards this year including Entrepreneur of The Year for the First Women Awards and also for the FDM Everywomen Awards as Startup Founder of The Year.

KweekWeek has powered over 20,000 events with more than 250,000 attendees and has partnered with some of the top event organisers in the UK, such as HMV, TED and UCL. The company will be expanding to a number of cities this year, namely Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Istanbul. Lastly, KweekWeek plans on introducing an ever more precise algorithm to allow KweekWeek to target users’ preferences more efficiently and deliver the most relevant content. KweekWeek has recently been selected as one of the top 100 UK Startups.

Tina was a highly driven individual since childhood and now as a female founder of the events marketplace KweekWeek, Tina is helping to lay the foundations for more women entering professions in the technology sector. Tina regularly speaks about her business at women entrepreneur talks, promotes a large number of women events and is keen to hire more females with higher roles, as she strongly believes in the importance of encouraging females to grow together in the tech industry, something that is crucial as management roles in this industry are still dominated by men. She now passes on this message to women, young girls and the children she mentors.

KweekWeek is available on desktop and has a free app on iOS and Android for you to discover events and receive tickets on the go.

Twitter: @TinaMashaalahi & @KweekWeek



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